‌Reduced risk of permanent charge on chuck through output polarity reversal

Low stored energy and built-in current limitations to safeguard from surges and arcs

Short circuit and open circuit proof design for enhanced reliability

Built-in RF filtering available


‌The ESC series voltage sources provide stable power for electrostatic chucks used in semiconductor wafer transfer.


  • Output to input isolation:  > 500 Meg ohm 

  • Output regulation: 1% or better of output from 0 to full load

  • Output ripple: Less than 2%
  • ‌Output linearity: Better than 1% full scale

  • Output voltage balance: Better than 1% for matched loads

  • Line input requirements: Single 24VDC @ 1 A typical (1A maximum)

  • DC power input: 3-pin Molex type, non-reversible quick disconnect

  • DC output: MHV connectors on HV terminals, BNC on center tap

  • Remote interface: 25-pin D type female (DB-25f)

  • Cooling: None required

  • Compliance: 1-3 kV models ETL Marked for product safety and CE compliant


  • Industry Standard Interface

  • Designed for Volume Manufacturing

  • Intermediate voltages available, consult factory for more information.

  • Flexible Packaging Options:
  • Refer to "Standard" model specifications for input line requirements, output voltage, current, regulation and cooling